Basic Introduction Of Nike Air Max 97

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Nike Air Max 97 one of the most representative shoe as Nike, Air Max 97 was born in 1997, the designer Charistian Tresser Tokyo rapid speed of Shinkansen trains can be incorporated into the shoe design, bring the shoe body graceful curve, it created the whole palm of large capacity Nike Air, its innovative carry visual whole palm Max Air and hurtling style interpretation of the avant-garde design, since the advent of become popular in family of Air Max is not one of the classic item.

AIR MAX 97 sports shoes provide all-round protection for you who love sports with streamlined body and excellent technology. Powerful functions bring your feet a higher level of comfort, lightness, shock and responsiveness. It creates the immortal legend of AIR MAX series and helps you constantly create the peak record of your sports.


Resistance to wear:


Artificial leather and radial mesh material create super wear-resistant performance, even if it is worn outdoors for a long time, still maintain top quality. FLYWIRE is a powerful technology that perfectly supports every move of the foot and keeps the feet firmly on the bed.

Dress sense:


AIR MAX 97 sneaker strives for perfect sense of wearing, classic wear-resistant upper material and breathable engineering mesh strength join hands, create unprecedented lightness of fit and breathable support for feet, let your feet more easily have the power of high speed.




AIR MAX 97 carefully USES NIKE's powerful all-palm visible AIR cushion technology, and its soft and targeted cushioning performance perfectly defends the stability of the feet.



Hard rubber outsole combined with BRS1000 carbon rubber provides excellent grip and abrasion resistance, enabling you to easily control all fields and feel invincible and confident at any time. Wear - resistant upper, comfortable and breathable. Engineering mesh design to improve air flow when wearing. Polyethylene insole provides a durable experience. Rubber outsole, firm and durable.

This pair of inspiration comes from Japan Shinkansen high-speed train's visible all-palm air cushioning running shoes, the perfect combination of metal and silver and the smooth line of the shoe body, the unique reflective design has interpreted the extreme fashion pursuit of that era.

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