Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit 2 Air Cushion Test

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Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit 2 Air Cushion Test


In 1987, the first pair of shoes with the Air Max air cushion Nike Air Max 1 was born. In 2017, Air Max also ushered in its 30th anniversary of the birth of the Nike AirVapormax flyknit. In 2018, Nike Air Vapormax flyknit 2 was sold.


Subverting the shoes of the traditional Air running shoes, the whole pair of shoes only have two parts of the upper and the air cushion, and the weight of the shoes is very light. These shoes not only perform well in running performance, but also become one of the fashion items that everyone loves.


2018's latest Nike Air Vapormax flyknit 2, slightly different from the 1st generation in some details, the performance is even better. The pure white upper is simple and versatile, the large mesh knit upper creates a comfortable foot feel, and the super-atmosphere pad brings a strong visual impact, which is the best in running shoes in both performance and appearance.


Shoes appearance:


The pure white upper is very simple, and the “VAPORMAX” patch on the tongue fits perfectly with the body. The toe cap has a layer of the same color hot film reinforcement layer, and the shoes have a distinct layering. The side flying line design, combined with the lace system, the sock sleeve design creates a strong sense of unity. Three-dimensional white bright leather Swoosh, eye-catching translucent atmospheric cushion, the whole pair of shoes is very technical. A visible air cushion at a glance. The white reinforcement layer on the heel, the hollowed out origin adds a sense of design. There are reflective strips on the shoes, and night running is more secure.




The shoes feature an integrated knit upper. Soft and yet tough, it fits well with the foot, and it doesn't feel empty when you put on your feet. The wearing experience is excellent. The sole can be freely twisted and bent to ensure that there is no restraint when suddenly changing or twisting.


Package and support:


The one-piece knit upper design has a distinct wrap around the feet. The side fly line and the lace system are integrated into one body, and the shoelace can make the upper fit better with the feet, creating a comfortable and stable fit.


The tough flying wire runs from the lace hole to the sole for good side support. The toe heat film reinforcement layer not only protects the toes, but also provides corresponding support. You can see that the upper is very deformed when running.


The ring-shaped film after the reinforcement treatment is better wrapped around the heel to provide stable support. When suddenly changing direction, you can see that there is almost no deformation at the heel. The air cushion provides super stability, and the shoes are swaying from side to side, and the feet are still very stable.


Grip and wear resistance:


The air cushion is in contact with the ground using the classic waffle texture, which is a non-slip granule with high hardness. The rubber-thickening granules with additional emphasis on the stressed position provide stronger grip and good anti-skid performance.


The most worrying thing about air cushions is that they are not wear-resistant. I believe that everyone will doubt the life of the shoes in Putian shoes. The same grooved sole design as the original, greatly reducing the contact area between the sole and the ground, and also thickening the wearable parts, basically do not have to worry that the air cushion will be damaged by accident.




The performance of the Nike Air Vapormax cushioning performance is also outstanding. Take off to the ground, you can see that the forefoot air cushion has no obvious deformation, the back palm air cushion deforms quickly and rebounds, providing a very good impact protection from the toe to the heel. Running can be seen as a very obvious deformation of the rear air cushion, bringing more powerful energy feedback, each step is like someone pushing you to run forward. When the weight of the whole body is placed on the heel and the air cushion is pressed hard, the process of apparent compression and rebound of the air cushion of the hind palm can be seen.


Summary: The design of the air cushion is basically the same as the genuine feeling. The soft weight of the small weight is slightly weaker. The one-piece knit upper provides excellent breathability, providing a refreshing feel at all times, suitable for sports wear, and preferred for summer running shoes. According to the different force position of the foot, the air cushion unit is also made of wear-resistant thickening treatment in the easy-wearing position. The sole can be bent freely during the movement, and it can be easily changed whether it is suddenly changed or instantly activated. response. The Super Atmospheric Pad provides excellent cushioning and soft flares, providing a comfortable foot feel for running and well suited to running needs.


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